Social Media Infographics

I recently learnt about Infographics in e-marketing course and I must admit, the subject got me from the word Hello and Infographics is now sitting as one of my top ten best Digital Marketing strategies.

download   Well I’m glad you asked!

Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge created with the intention of presenting complex information quickly and clearly.

A well-designed infographic like the one I created for Hello Computer based on the data they presented to me on South Africans Social Media is an example of how infographics can help you simplify a complicated subject into a captivating experience.South African Social Media Landscape

Adding interactive content like infographics to your website can be one of the most effective strategies in an overall digital marketing campaign.

Ideally, an infographic should be visually engaging, contain a subject matter that is appealing to your target audience, and be supported by other engaging content across your website and social channels.

If Hello Computer uses this Infographic data well, they can consistently achieve higher engagement rates and search visibility. Hello Computer can also use this Infographic Data in order to:

  • Conduct Market Research
  • Stay on top of the Digital Marketing World
  • Focus marketing strategies on the tactics that are more popular
  • Prepare for emerging Social Media tactics
  • Visually and quickly explain the data
  • Going viral-positive brand awareness

Advantages of Infographics

  1. It is much easier and quicker to understand. You can convey a message in only a few seconds, in comparison with a text that you will need some minutes. Scientist found that people can remember the 83% of what they see, and only the 20% of what they read!
  2. Boost marketing leads. It supports inbound marketing and no manual customer acquisition is required.
  3. Boost traffic. If the content of your infographic is high quality, then it is almost certain that not only it will drive traffic, but it will boost your company’s expertise/authority.

Disadvantages of Infographics

  1. Time Consuming. In order to achieve a very good Infographic, your designer needs to spend some creating the right
  2. Not SEO Friendly. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it will not boost your website from SEO perspective.
  3. Might get costly. Since a lot of time is required to create it, you will have to pay a lot for it!
  4. Will it be valuable? Creating an infographic is one thing, promoting is a different one. You need to make sure to promote it, else you will spend your money for nothing

Five key questions to ask when creating infographics and a DM Strategy:

  • Who are you?
  • What are you offering?
  • To whom are you offering?
  • Why are you offering?
  • How are you offering?

Five key steps to follow when creating infographics and a DM Strategy:

Step 1: Context-What are you trying to create

Step 2: Value Exchange-Unique selling point

Step 3: Objectives-How will you measure success? e.g Tactics,Key Performance indicators

Step 4: Tactics and Evaluations-what tactics will you use e.g Websites, SEO

Step 5: Ongoing Improvisation-How will you maintain competitive advantage

I hope all the information on infographics including the steps and questions will help you create many more Infographics and will help on creating social media  strategies for Hello Computer.

Lastly and most importantly, I hope you will enjoy creating more Inforgraphics as much as i have creating one for Hello Computers.






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