My Digital Footprint

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The Journey

I am big on sustainability so I’m familiar with terms such as “Reducing Carbon Footprint” but I had never really sat down and analysed how what “Digital footprint” was, how mine looked like and how it speaks for me without my physical presence.

I had never analysed how that one Facebook question ’’What’s on your mind?” I answered five years ago has the potential to be a final deciding factor to make or break my future ten years down the line.

Digital Footprint?

For those not yet familiar with the term Digital Footprint, what it basically means is all the information that comes up about you if, for example, someone Google’s your name, it’s a trace left behind.

It can be news about how you were on the Deans Merit list during your varsity years 15 years ago or pictures that you got tagged in when you were drunk and half naked at a party after that final hard exam. What about the posts you made trying to act all cool talking about how you going parting every weekend and forgetting what image that will send out to you potential employer. The #ThrowBackThursayPictures #TGF #HangoOverMondays, remember those?

My Results!

Lucky enough I cleaned up my territory last year, deleted all my crazy pictures and some old posts so when I conducted my Google search I was not as nervous.

After typing my name and surname I was so surprised by the number of people who shared the same name as mine. My search results were quite boring though, the only few things I found about myself were:

Now What?

Based on what I am being taught in my E-Marketing Course, good self-branding is very important

I felt I should have at least found articles to give me competitive advantage like the social development projects I contributed to, International Sports Competitions I participated in and won, Previous Leadership Roles and demonstrations of how entrepreneurial and business minded I am.

I strongly suggest the following, what do you think?

  • Treating, respecting and carrying myself as a valuable brand.
  • Be careful of what I say and do on and off digital platforms.
  • Use social networks to follow and interact with powerful influential people and companies that can potentially employ me and help in self-development and growth.
  • Post on current affairs and issues to my interests.
  • Be consistent on all platforms on the image I portray. I will not post inappropriate posts and pictures on Facebook and be professional on Twitter.
  • Use professional contact details, currently my email address has a wrong ring to it.
  • Utilize privacy controls on social media channels.
  • Blog, Tweet, LinkedIn, Post YouTube Videos and participative on the digital platform.

Getting my blog site ready for the world.


Well today is so exciting as it marks a new journey to my online presence.

I am busy trying to get my blog running and that requires changing my settings, customization and themes etc.It is so hard to choose a theme because I love almost all of them.#Sad#

This might take a while but once I am on my feet I will give you a brief discussion on how my digital footprint has been so far since the birth of me.

I hope I finalize my blog setup  in the next hour, I mean it cant be that hectic right? Haha owkay let me get to it already.